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How to Sell in the DMs

What You'll learn:

  • The Sell in DMs Framework - A strategy for outreach and easy sales without closing down your favorite social app
  • Different Types of Buyers - How to identify the types of buyers out there and what they need to get closer to the sale
  • Strategies to initiate a conversation - Learn how to initiate meaningful conversations with leads in a non-yucky way and transition to sales

with Victoria Boyd

You see others talking about the sales they’ve made on social media and you’re wondering “when is it my time?”

Making money on Instagram is about more than pretty pictures. It's about CONNECTION.

And that is where direct messages come in.

I made over $30K from my DMs alone, and at that point, I wasn’t even sending – just receiving messages! Imagine what would have happened if I was initiating conversations? MAGIC!

But first, let me know if this has you nodding your head…

✔️You’ve been chasing followers waiting for that precious 10K follower count to hit because you think that swipe-up feature will be the secret sauce to finally making sales off the following you’ve cultivated.

✔️You’ve got your phone glued to your hand posting every day, spending hours scrolling, engaging, and trying to find new followers.

✔️You stress over how your feed looks and spend hours scouring stock photo sites, your photoshoot from your living room for the perfect selfie, and trying to nail the perfect flat lay because a perfect feed is the most important thing to growth, right?

Isn't it about time you sold something to those followers you've cultivated over the years?